New study reported that the researchers are on a good way of developing a vaccine that could help patients who suffer from high blood pressure. High blood pressure is very common disease since one out of three people suffer from it and it can lead to stroke, heart failure and kidney failure if left untreated.

Even though the drugs for hypertension are available on the market only 25% of the patients who suffer from hypertension have their illness under control. This is because many patients don’t take their pills every day due to their indolence or inability. Researchers say that the vaccine that should be developed is going to be a salvation for those people because it would be given just every couple of months to the patient.

Study focuses on a vaccine that targets angiotensin II which represents a molecule that constricts blood vessels and raises blood pressure. During the research patients who received vaccine had a very strong reaction from their body against this molecule.

At the end of the research, scientists reported that antibodies from the vaccine were functioning as a sponge that empties out in the night when body produces less angiotensin so it can take all angiotensin that’s developed in the early morning. However, this study still needs more research and the next step would be to determine if a different vaccine regimen would create greater antibody response and reduce blood pressure even more.