New study found that a protein that promotes pancreatic cancer called mesothelin can be used for creating a new vaccine which could protect people against this deadly disease. During research on mice experts found that when engineered on virus – like particles mesothelin lowered tumor growth.

Results of the research showed that mesothelin has important role in promoting growth of pancreatic cancer. Mice diagnosed with pancreatic cancer were injected three times with the vaccine of virus – like particles with mesothelin. These particles have unique property of inducting protective immune responses but it seems that they lack the infectious capacities of the original virus.

At the end of the study researchers revealed that the growth of tumor slowed and in some cases even disappeared. Statistics showed that the average life span for mice who were treated with this vaccine was five weeks longer than for those who were not treated. Experts said that immunization stopped the production of key immune system cells that restrain the body’s ability to fight pancreatic cancer to produce these cells as a protective measure.

Researchers hope to find same results when they test this vaccine on humans. They say that this finding could help them find new treatment methods for pancreatic cancer.