Researchers say that a new clinical trail for brain cancer vaccine in patients who are newly diagnosed with brain cancer has started . This new vaccine is supposed to be follow up therapy along with surgery and chemotherapy in patients diagnosed with deadly form of brain cancer called glioblastoma.

This new vaccine is designed to hit proteins located in cancer cells. Scientists say that a cancer vaccine like this one can extend life for a patient diagnosed with brain cancer and represents addition to surgery so that these tumours do not recur. It is a kind of immunotherapy so it means that it influences the patient’s immune system to kill proteins located in cancer cells.

Researchers say that for every patient needs to be developed special vaccine made from tumour and immune cells of their own. During a surgery when tumour is being removed, tumour cells are sent to laboratory where the doctors prepare it for the vaccine. Then, they combine this component with the patients dendritic cells which represent a powerful type of immune cells and form the vaccine for the patient. Dendritic cells are able to teach patients immune system to recognize and kill cancer cells.

Experts all agree that this new vaccine called DCVax-Brain shows a lot of promise to this approach in treating brain cancer