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Hi I have a question. I am new so please refrain from harsh comments. This is strictly for personal opinions 


My Boyfriend and I had sex about about 18 days ago, on May 2nd, 2013. He used a condom of course! It was my first time having sex. 

Now when it came time for my period I got light spots, nothing showed up on my underwear on May 14th, then the following day it became like my normal period flow, pretty heavy to the point it covered my underwear (sorry TMI)

Then day after that it was on and off heavy, light towards the end of the day only when I wipe. Then friday and today May 19th it's VERY light and barely again only there when I wipe or use a tampon.

I do feel bloated and constipated here and there today May 19th, to the point where I took a laxative to help me go. 

My question is, do I have anything to worry about as far as pregnancy or am I just stressing myself out and over-thinking it. Again, he was safe, the condom didn't break nor did he "You know" inside of me.

I have been worrying all week, I have been stressed with final exams and projects so maybe that may have thrown it off?

I also heard that your first time can irregulate a period, but then I heard different. I want opinions before I take a pregnancy test. 

Please help me! 





:-( sorry i cant help you because i dont no about this