okay, let me start from the beginning.
in may, i had my period around the 20th-26th. in june, i started like a week earlier, so around 14th-20th. i have always had a somewhat irregular period, so this is normal for me. i also don't really keep that good of track of when my period is, so my dates may be a little off but it was sometime around then.
my boyfriend came home at the end of june. it was out first time, and i was worried about it all. we were messing around and decided to see how 'tight' i was. (sorry for the TMI) he stuck his penis inside me and i let him thrust into me a few times. this did not last anywhere near five minutes, because i told him if we were going to continue he was going to have to get a condom. i know that he did not cum inside of me, and i do not think there was any pre-cum. again, this lasted way less than five minutes.
a few days after, he bought condoms. while wearing one, we decided to try again. as he was inside me, i was just not very comfortable with the idea and was worried about getting pregnant. i made him pull out before he was finished. we continued to fool around, while he was still wearing the condom and he finished inside of it. the condom was fine, no rips or tears. another go around a day or two later, the same thing happened. he pulled out before he was anywhere near finishing, but we continued to fool around without the condom.
i was expecting to start my period after he left, around july 16th or so.. considering the last time that i had my period. however, it never came. we are now in the beginning of august and i still haven't had my period. i am currently spotting, perhaps or having a really weird period, i'm not sure. it is random, which is why i say spotting. but it is brown. i bled lightly for a day while he was here, but i believe that was because he was so rough while messing around. i do not have any symptoms of being pregnant, really. besides spotting, or what have you.
i took a home pregnancy test and it said i was not pregnant. when i think of what happened and how i only allowed him to be inside of me for a small amount without even being near to finishing, i feel the chances of me being pregnant are slim to none. i think i am just really stressing myself out about the whole thing and that's why my period hasn't came yet. i just don't understand the brown-ish spotting..

thank you for taking the time to read & help out. i appreciate it.