Ok so my last normal period was on Dec 3 08, but it was a little late. I missed a period in nov, i was suppose to start around the 23 but i didn't till dec 3 and everything was normal. My boyfriend was coming to see me cuz he was out of state for a while. When he got here it was the 6th of dec. We didn't fool around till 8th, He fingered me as he usually does,he used 1 finger and i was still on my period and the next day it stop and i usually am on it for 5-7 days. a few days later, there was a little blood as i wiped after using the bathroom. It didn't concern me much then. He left on the 22nd and when i got home i went to the bathroom and wiped again and there was more brownish blood but it was light. It was like i was on my peirod again but brown and not heavy like it usually is and no cramps. So now on jan 5 i started bleeding brown blood and i was thinking it was my period but i usually have really bad cramps to the point of crying but, i don't now and it not heavy its more light then it usually is. And i am still bleeding on this day, i should stop tomorrow. There are brown blood clots and brown long slimy strings when i wipe sometimes too, it doesnt smell horrible, but it doesn't smell like my normal period blood. Could he have damaged something up there? or is something else wrong? Also i have never had sex before just fooling around

If someone can answer me soon that would be grateful. Sorry for the long post im just worried that's all.