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Before I begin my question I will add a bit of a timeline of events that may be helpful haha. It is currently December 25nd. My last period began November 20 and lasted until the 24th. I had have sex 3 times with my boyfriend during this time, all while on my period. I haven't had intercourse since. We did use a condom each time, and checked for rips or breaks each time and found none. He also used the pull out method. (However, I am not on birth control) I should mention that at one point there was a break in the condom but he felt it as soon as it happened and pulled out (did not ejaculate). We stopped there. Then on December 11th I noticed a good amount of what I initially thought was blood on my underwear, except it was dark brown. I thought it may have been my period coming early, but I realized later it was not my period. This discharge lasted nearly 2 weeks and just ended a few days ago. Some days its very light and only seen when I wipe, other times there is a fair amount on my underwear. But never enough to need a pad. Maybe just a panty liner. This discharge was dark brown in color, kind of watery, and sometimes had a few brown clumps in it. I have not yet gotten my period, and am almost a week late at this point. So with that exsessive amount of info (I apologize), my question is what could this be? I have not yet taken a pregnancy test, which I am waiting until I am a week late to take. Is there a possibility that this is implantation bleeding? Or are there other things that make more sense. It seems to me that my chances of pregnancy are pretty low since we were safe and I was on my period (I know its a myth that you can't get pregnant on your period), but I know the chance is always there. Is anyone familiar with this or has experienced the same? Any advice would be great as it is beginning to worry me.


And I should mention that I have been under a good amount of stress over the past month. With finals and other worries, and then of course I have been stressing out ever since I noticed the brown discharge.