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So I have been using the pull out method while having sex. I did take plan b twice in a month just to make sure. I got my period on time. But it was brownish for the first couple of days. It has happened before but this time was longer. Then I got regular bleeding like I normally do. This was for about 6 days. It finally stopped bleeding where I didn't use a pad. But when I wiped I still had some blood. In this time I took two pregnancy tests just to make sure. They both came back negative. But I still feel like I'm freaking out. I don't feel like I have gained weight. I sit feel I have energy and I go work out daily. I'm also on a diet to lose weight. I don't have food cravings. Its all basically normal b it I feel like I'm over reacting! Anyways. I need advice.



since you took plan B twice in a month - and they recommend that you should take it months apart - chances are that you're over reacting because hormones from the plan B, than that you're pregnant. You need to take into account that each dose of plan B basically is a high dose of the same female hormones that birth control pills contain. Since you got your period and had two negative tests, seems like plan B did its job. But that also means that you took two big doses of female hormones that cause changes like in PMS or menopause - you feel too emotional, stress to much over everything, ... etc. But I have to say, you really need to consider some other method of contraception - take birth control pills, if nothing else,

Wish you all the best,