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ok i had sex a week ago and after my intercorse i started feelin itchy and burnin ,irritationfor lik 3 days i was so confused i look up online for evrything they said it sound like a yeast infiction but after i read that like i went to sleep it was gone then later on i pee and it started burning really bad and i was upset cuase i thought i had a std but it stp th nxt day so i was thinkin it was probably my lotion an soap i used but the nxt 2das i loookd in th mirrior one of my inner lips is shorter and red btu there nothing going on it jst short and red an it feel lik it dry, i havnt been to dr an i dnt want to tell my mom im 15 an im scared an i hop im not pregro, some plz hlp ps:i tld my best friend sh said that was happn to her after sh had intercorse but it went away an sh used baby oil for th dryness if that helps jst confused someone hlp me


its been 2 days since i posted that message  above but it saturday an i had sex again the outher day but wit a condom an lik evrything went bac to normall it jst that i lost my voice but that can be frm screaam frm th varsity game an ppls at school or can it be frm sex idnt think it frm sex,cause i lost it be4 i had sex, my vagina doesntt hurt or or itchy or it not irritated or burnig so im happy an my labia look bac normal its look a lil bigger i think frm havn sex but i lookd that up it said it was normal ,it jst i lost my voice that th only thing i dnt hav a running nose or anything can some one reply bac plz