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so i'm an ex-frequent masterbater, like from 2 to 10 times a day(not joking!!!)
then i got a girlfriend and it dropped to that many times a week instead of a day.
4 days ago she came to my house and we were kissing like 2 hours, and we were(or i was) basically having dry sex. we didn't take off our pants cause she had a period. ever since that i feel too guilty to masturbate. but because of that, all i can think of is sex with her, even during our date.

anyway we've been dating 2 months, and knowing her enough, she DOESN'T MIND having sex. it's like, since i'm her boyfriend, i can do whatever i want with her, but she doesn't really ask for it.
i really don't like the idea of me being the side who just goes for it, and the other side doesn't care doing it or not.
she doesn't have any libido. we talk about sex now and then, and she talks like it's just another conversation.
like she simply doesn't get exited about it.

yesterday we met and half of my mind was just about sex. it's like i'm getting really lusty.
that's one thing she doesn't like. she takes sex literally as 'making love', and she clearly said she doesn't want to do it if the person is in lust and not love.

next month i might stay over at her house, and we might ...
i'm just afraid it'll break the relationship. once we do it, i'll ask for more and more, and she'll just be a dull. sooner or later i might forget about dating without having sex. she'll ask if it's all about sex and not love.
what's even more scary is that i might get tired of her and go to someone else, or i might go strait back to masturbating.
i don't know which one's better: she should increase libido, or i should decrease libido.
somehow i'm even afraid if she gets libido because what if we get tired of each other? most people have a hard sex life with the same person after two years. i want this to last a life time!!!

i wish i could be more pure hearted.
our dates are very interesting. we only do little things, but they become great.
usually when going to a coffee shop, we order a meal for one, and spend over an hour sharing it.
it's great that she doesn't empty my wallet!!
the other day we spent an hour just walking around to find a garbage can for a water bottle i picked up.

anyway, i know we'll eventually do it, but when do you think is a good time to start?
i mean, the more we wait the more the relationship could continue right? Christians wait till marriage and they never get divorced!!


hey there... i read ur problem nd as a girl dat i am i would most likely lik some space if dat was my case.. mayb in ur gfs case shes not as sexually active as u r nd she sees things from another point of u.. easy nd wenever it happens it happens type of attitude.. try nOt to make her feel lik ur preassuring her or lik all u want her is for sex... Mayb she has been experiencing sex for yrs nd lik i sed dats y she dnt care much bout it.. u should try not to only think of sex Wen shes around. . . wait nd see if she try nd make a move or Wen it happens it happen. . . try nd keep the relationship goin good along wit someone whos active as you. . . .



I like your advice and I agree with you.It is important not to pressure your partner. You need to give him some time and space. This is not simple for everybody.

xxhis wifeyxx have you had similar experience?


hey dark red. no i have not had dis experience before. Im Juss simply stating how i would feel if i was in dat kind of situation.


It is understandable. Like I said before it is important to give time and space to your partner.