Okay so. I'm on the pill (ortho tri cyclen) and I have been for about two years. I take it pretty consistently. I do take it an hour or so late sometimes but never two days in a row and it says in the directions that if it's taken late once in a row no other form of birth control is needed. My boyfriend of 5 years and I live an hour apart so we don't have much sex anyway. We don't use condoms since my doctor told me it wasn't necessary and he never comes inside of me anyway. He always pulls our a few minutes before and we finish orally. I got my period pretty much normally last month. It was it's typical bleed through my super tampons in the middle of lecture self (it sucks). However i haven't been feeling great lately so now I'm worried about pregnancy. I've been very bloated and strange feeling. My pill makes me extremely paranoid and anxious most of the time so I know I'm probably over reacting. I've read that besides the side effects ortho tri cyclen is great at pregnancy protection but I know since we don't use a condom there's always a tiny bit of a risk. Plus I thought reading up on my pill would make me feel better but all it did was lead me to stories of people supposedly taking it perfectly and getting pregnant anyway. Could I be pregnant? What are the chances?