hello I am a thirty eight year old female who has been under doctors care since eighteen years old. As of three years ago my health has continued to change for the worse. I had a pacemaker placed and removed because it kept coming a lose as well as it became infected. my left side has completely gone out on me several times at first they believe it to be a result of a stroke however they say the mri and cat scans dont support that theory then on my cat scan they said they found a cyst on my pineal gland that was 1.3 on my brain and that it wasnt anything to worried about. Now I have serious headaches pain in my neck and back of head, I also have bouts of night blindness with flashing colors that are send when i close my eyes. My left side is affected severe left side weakness. I have been falling(not understanding why) and know my cyst is 2.5 x1.8 what does that mean and the first 1.3 was in May of this year and the latter one of 2.5 was this month can you help me please %-)