Hi, I am a 37 year old female in UK. Back in Oct 2006 I got this horrible dizzy feeling and light headed along with sharp pains in my head. This continued for 3 months. The headaches got more severe and was having approx 17 migraines per month, almost every other day. Quality of life was poor. My GP's refused to get me an MRI, I saw 3 Neurologists, who also refused an MRI or CT scan and instead thought it would be okay to do a neck x-ray instead!!! I paid for my own MRI scan and they found an 11mm cyst on Pineal Gland which they class as an incidental finding.

My headaches/migraines continue along with numbness/pain in jaw, pain when touching eyelids, pain across right side forehead and often pins/needles down left arm. In July 2008, I woke up one morning with spinning, doctors think Vertigo but were never sure and after 5 months off sick was sent for tests that showed an imbalance in the right ear but would just have to retrain my brain with exercises to correct the problem. If I turn quickly or rest the back of my head against the bath or wall, I still go dizzy. I paid for yet another MRI scan which showed the pineal cyst was still there and still 11mm. Nobody seems bothered about this but I am concerned after reading other posts on here.

I have tried physiotherapy, reflexology, homeopathy, chiropractor, healing sessions, elimating food types and still no better

Can anybody help or suggest what my next step should be?