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Hi I was diagnosed with a Pineal Cyst after suffering a virus, resulting in Chronic fatigue,Tinnitus, sleep problems and stress and tension.

I was diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 and put on Metformin then later Glucophage

Despite seeing an Endocrinologist and my GP I am still being treated as if these symptoms are nothing to do with the Pineal cyst...opinion is it's harmless and lots of people have them.

I am treated for each symptom individually...I dissagree with the Doctor/Endocrinologist, both seem oblivious to the fact there are people like me who experience multiple symptoms and have Pineal Cysts. 

I have never been refferd to a neurologist, despite having had 3 MRi scans over the years. 

My symptoms are: dull headche, stiff neck, chronic tiredness, poor sleep, waking up each day feeling unrefreshed and hung over, heavy legs, poor memory and concentration, vivid dreams, low mood.depression, blurred. wavy vision that comes and goes. I have also had auditory hallucinations, which have been unexplainable.

 I am often so that tired, physically and mentally fatigued I am laid up some days and work has become extremely difficult,

Feel really frustrated, is there anyone out there who can  offer their opinion as to wether A Pineal Cyst is responsible for these symptoms.


Sue  (UK)





Please contact this Dr. As he's the best vascular  neurosurgeon who treats and will remove pineal cysts! Don't wait... He's the best and can help you, Call BreannA. After 14 years of symptoms, I had surgery 6 months ago and have never felt better. Your neurologist probably won't acknowledge these cause any symptoms but they do! There is hope! 

Dr. Dong Kim

Clinic: Mischer Neuroscience AssociatesAddress: 6400 Fannin St Ste 2800, Houston, TX 77030 · DirectionsPhone: (713) 704 - 7100Years of Experience: 20Specialty: Neurosurgery

* performed life saving surgery on congresswoman Gabby Giffords when she was shot in the head in Tuscan Arizona in 2011. He's amazing! you can't find a better doctor for treatment !  

Wishing you all the best!