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I had a MRI in 10/2012 they found a 3 mm lesion on my left temporal lobe. I went to the ER 12/12 for severe head pain,convulsions, seizure and face numbing and tingling, electrical pulses all over my head. I could not feel my face or feet! The ER did another  MRI 12/12 and found a 9mm cyst. I have had left eye pain and wiggling, severe migraines, unsteady gait, sleep issues, nausea, dizziness, severe lack of concentration, severe exhasution, inability to tolerate sound and light, twitching, convulsions, and finally-seizures. I was in the hospital for another issue for 4 days 11-12. I had three terrible seizures and woke up from a dead sleep with the feeling of a HOT BURST to the back of my head like a bullet went in my base of my head and had seizures each time. Teeth chattering stiffness in neck, arms and legs. I had a heart moniter on and it went crazy. My low blood pressure went for 59 to 106 in seconds. I am 46 and had no previous head, heart related issues ever! Not really even a headache. I have seen Neurologist sine 10/12 and he says the Pineal gland is useless??? They don't really know why it's there and that my cyst would not be causing my problems. Yet he has me on anti seizure medication! This all started for me about 6 months ago, small subtle changes and then it became very apparent that I have something going wrong in my brain. Dr. first put me on Keppra- BAD idea, made me crazy and sick!!!! He now has me on Dilantin 300 mg and Verapamil for the Mirgraines. I keep telling him it feels like and AX is sticking out of the back of my head, but he says the cyst is not the problem it is the lesion on my left temoral lobe. He honestly doesn't know. He first thought I was exhasuted, then he thought I had sleep apnea, and then diagnosed me with epilepsy after the EEG and MRI in OCT. I have never had any problems ever in my brain. I have asked to be referred to a neurosurgeon to look futher at the possibilty this could be the culprit of my issues. I have been in relativly good health, active,  I worked full time, cleaned my home and did all the yard work on 1/2 acre property and everything in between.  I haven't been able to work for 3 months. Any other sugestions would be greatly appreciated. I live in Washington State-thanks, still looking for answers


I really think it is time to see another doctor.  It is always best to get a second opinion and there are so many possibilities out there it is always good to check.  I am very sorry for your discomfort and trouble and pray you get better.  However, I agree with you.  Something is not right and none of the things your doctor said you have seem like they would be connected with your reactions.  Pineal Cyst are not supposed to be life threatening or have any problems but maybe the fact it is there is saying that something else is.  I definitely say it is time to have a consultation with another doctor.