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Hello friends

I had taken Plan B pill in July 2012, after that i had my periods a week later than my normal menstrual cycle...for first 3 days..there was little spotting and irregular flow and it actually started by 6th day with normal flow....but after that cycle, i had no periods for past 2 months...i did pregnancy test twice and it came negative both the time...i feel soreness and tenderness in my breast.....there is no abdominal pain and other symtoms like pregnancy...but i am worried if my menstrual cycle would be normal or not....i'm also thinking of family planning...please suggest should i wait for my next menstrual cycle to come and my periods to be back to normal before pregnancy planning or should i plan it.




     If I were you and was still unsure if I was pregnant or not I would go to the doctor and take a blood or urine sample. They are more accurate than home pregnancy tests. Hope this helps!