My last period was 1/2/07. Then on 1/13/07, things got hot and heavy with my boyfriend and in a complete lapse of judgement we began to have sex with no protection. Only seconds later we stopped ourselves and he pulled out (there was no ejaculation). I had Plan B in my medicine cabinet for emergency use and to be safe I took it right away. I just have a few questions. Today, 1/20/07, I am noticing brown blood every time I go to the bathroom. I'm also feeling a little sick. My breasts are not tender and I do not have any headaches. I'm wondering if all of this is normal and if so, approximately how long these symptoms will last? Due to the time period of when the unprotected sex occured and the short duration of it, as well as actions taken after and the symptoms occuring now, what are your opinions on the chances of pregnancy occuring? Thank you so much!