I'm really worried that I could be pregnant. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend around 3 weeks ago. I went to my GP and took the morning after pill the next day. The following night, we had unprotected sex again, thinking that the morning after pill would protect against pregnancy. I didn't take another pill after the second occurence. My period came 2 weeks after having sex, and I still have it now, I'm on my 7th day. It doesn't usually last this long, and I'm just worried that having sex again unprotected after the morning after could affect my period or chance of being pregnant? I've been feeling really tired recently, and my breasts are tender. I've been drastically up and down on the mood scale, but are these just PMS symptoms? Help is much appreciated, thanks.

Obviously I realise now that my actions were pretty darn stupid, and I will be more careful in the future, but at the time my naive mind got the better of me and I'd appreciate it if no judgement was passed hereafter. I am very much in love with my boyfriend, but I fear pregnancy as we are both too young to settle down, financial difficulties, et cetera. Also, the first instance of unprotected sex, he didn't ejaculate. But he did the second time. And we have been using condoms since the occurences in question, I understand that emergency contraceptives are not recommended for long-term use.