Hello everyone,

Today I just wanted to share a very brief personal experience I went through a few months ago. Before I do, here are 2 disclaimers: 1st- I am not a doctor, and 2nd- I am a male. 

I am mainly sharing this because I feel it may help someone out there going through the same thing I did. It may offer some useful information to someone in a panic. I will keep this short, even though I feel I could make this extremely long.

I didn't know where else to post this, but I figure this website would be the best place since I did get some useful information from here.

During 2 different occasions I went through what could be described as "the worst scares of my life" - Some of you may be able to relate right now. Now, I look back at them as "some of the best learning experiences".

1st occasion: Me and a woman I had known had unprotected sex; Although it wasn't entirely unprotected. I didn't use the condom until about half way through intercourse (Mistake 1), so the beginning was unprotected. When I reached orgasm I remained erect and we continued for a while longer until I withdrew (Mistake 2). Even though I did see the semen in the condom, I did notice some fluid on the outside. Right away, I thought about the possibility of spillage. Long story short, I had a talk with her and around 3-4 days later she took the Plan B pill. Me and her both worried it might have been too late. At the end of a very long excruciating wait, she ended up getting get period again. She was about 2 1/2 weeks late from the date she was suppose to get it. It felt like an eternity. 

2nd Occasion: Me and a different woman had protected sex, but the condom slipped off sometime during the end of intercourse. We both noticed this, and drove over right away to purchase a Plan B pill from CVS. She took it around the same hour of the incident. It felt like deja vu for me all over again. Long story short (again), we both worried an extreme amount but ultimately, she skipped an entire period of the following month and finally got it again the month after that. 

Both times, pregnancy tests were used after around the 1 week mark and 2 week mark from when their period was due. 

I don't want to make this much longer, so I'll just leave you with a few main takeaways:

  • Always use protection! Don't risk it. You'll regret it - the pleasure isn't worth the possible consequences.
  • Plan B can definitely mess up a woman's menstrual cycle. It affects all ladies differently. (Some women can even skip 2 periods)

If you are currently freaking out over an incident like this, here are a few points that may be able to calm your nerves:

  • If you took Plan B around 5 days after unprotected sex, you should be okay. But if you took it sooner (1-3 days), that's even better.
    • Within 24 hrs: 95% effective
    • Within 3-5 days: ~89% effective 
  • Plan B can (and almost certainly will) cause a delayed (or skipped) period. It's a large dose of hormone. The box itself doesn't say this.
  • If you took a pregnancy test already a few days after your missed period date and it was negative, you are most likely NOT pregnant. (As long as you took the test correctly).

I do not claim to have expert knowledge on a woman's physiology. This is just what I went though and what I found when going through this. If you were careful and took the correct precautions, or did things better than I did, you can rest assured that you ARE NOT PREGNANT. It will just take a while for your body to get back to normal. 

I hope this was helpful to someone out there frantically looking for answers. I wish you all the best.