Okay so i am really freaking out. It all started during the last week of Novemeber when I decided to have sex. Right after the day my period was over. Since i was a virgin I couldnt go all the way. He just tried putting it in and it wouldnt work. So we stopped and the next day I freaked out and took plan b. Then 2-3 weeks later in the middle of December I got my period again. I knew plan b had worked since i got my period. This period lasted about 10 days. Again on the last day of this period I decided to have sex again. This time it lasted like 3 mins because he couldnt put it in and just rubbed it around without a condom. He did not ejaculate or anything. So i didnt take plan b after this. It has been almost a month since that incident and no period. I took 2 pregnancy tests at home both negative and one at doctors, negative. Is plan b causing it to be late or can i be pregnant?