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Ok so here's the story my gf and I were fooling around on Monday and long story short I got a little pre cum in my hands I waited 3ish minutes then fingered her and I got pretty deep when I did. Well I went and bought the plan B one step for her and 18 hours later she took it since when we fooled around. Her period was supposed to happen on the 23rd but she had her period on 18th so 5 days early. What I want to know is what are the chances she is actually fine and not pregnant? Will her next period be effected? How effective is plan B? And is this her period that she actually is experiencing and not just like blood discharge or something like that? Also how do I know if plan b worked? If you can please help me out I'd appreciate it thank you


Hi there, even though I answered you in a private email, I thought it might be helpful for others to read the answer to your question!

RELAX! She is NOT pregnant nor was she ever in danger of it! No one can say for sure if there are any viable sperm in precum. As we can't see sperm - with the naked eye! So in mathematical scientific terms lets say there were a few. As SOON as air touches sperm they die RAPIDLY (thus them needing to be ejaculated through the cervix) so IF there was 1 remaining - it would be pretty well beat up and barely hanging on. Ejaculation is the event that is needed to push sperm through the thick cervical lining. Even though you fingered her high up, you would have not been able to push the sperm through - even if it was super strength! Remember that the odds of a still viable sperm living through being in the air, on your fingers, no where near being pushed through the cervical opening, still being able to swim through the uterus and up into the fallopian tubes with the HOPE that there is an egg there, THEN burrow through the imperitable shell of the egg. Is virtually 100% impossible! then add on to it that that TINY .00001% chance, you stopped it by her taking Plan B - which stops conception. So just relax and from now on if you have any precum on your fingers or hands, just wash them this kills anything that might be still viable. Or rub your hands together very quickly this also kills germs etc..

Regarding Plan B it is a hormone cocktail that can and regularly does play with a womans hormones. So she might bleed early, be late or I have counselled women that they actually missed a period! It's ALL about when you take the pill etc. So this is why her periods are wonky! Tell her to carry protection with her - just incase it pops it's head at an inopportune time.

I will say to you both what i say to ALL people asking for help with possible pregnancy questions. ALWAYS be prepared. Have condoms with you at ALL times. As hormones rule the roost and you could both end up in a position where you are going to have sex and you are NOT prepared and throw caution to the wind! ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use a condom - a girl/woman can get pregnant at ANYTIME, even for a SECOND, all it takes is 1 sperm to make it through so don't ever just even go into the vaginal opening unprotected etc. Then IF and WHEN you have sex, before you ejaculate pull out and ejaculate into the condom - AWAY from the vaginal opening. This will insure NO Pregnancy - even if the condom breaks, you are still protected as you haven't ejaculated inside!

Sorry for the long explanation, but it's better to be knowledgeable about sex. Both relax, and don't take Plan B UNLESS there is a true accident. That's what it is made for - ACCIDENTS - not regular useage! Also IF she decides to go on the pill, STILL ware a condom, pills are NOT 100% foolproof. That combined with a condom and ejaculate away from the body will ZERO out ANY chance of pregnancy! OK? Good luck and health honey