I'm 55 year old female in a auto accident on July 2015. Injuries whip lash and neck pain. Neck pain caused sharp shooting pain in both arms,hands shoulders,headache weakness in arms and hands a lot of pressure in my neck and the back of my head hurts. On November 18,2015 I had a  ACDF C 3-4 and C 4-5 all o graft with decompression.I was never given a neck  collar or a bone stimulator  after leaving the hospital doctor told me I didn't need one.March appointment had x-rays showed that 3 disc are not healing at all they took bone from my hip during surgery to make the disc for my neck. I did go out and bought a soft collar. I had a MRI and one week ago had a CT scan which says I have slippage of disc and encroachment.There is degenerative change at the atlanto dens interval. I have numbness in my arms,hands,tingling,like lighting strikes down both arms and into my hands  and weakness that last for days, My neck throbs in pain and I get wicked headaches.When in bend  down it's so painful. I'm worse off before my surgery. I also get spasms. My doctor told me I can't go to PT until all pain goes away. Thank you for any feed back.