I had severe cervical spine stenosis with myelopathy.   Had severe herniated disc at c5-6 and C 7-8.  Had neck and shoulder pain, chronic intermittent for years.  Had arm pains and tingling intermittently, dependent on my activities.  If I was careful with my lifestyle a had minimal pain in arms.  Had no weakness.  Due to scare I could become quadriplegic I went ahead with the surgery.  Had artificial disc at C 5-6 and fusion at C7-8.  Right after surgery had minimal pain for several days.  Then pain started and is getting worse.  Due to the hybrid procedure, I do not wear a cervical collar at all.   Currently 16 d post-op.  I like to walk but neck and arms worse after walking.   Walk several blocks 1-2 per day. Walked one mile one day and hurt too much.  Try to do minimal with my hands or lifting, due to near continuous mild-mod pain in arms and mild tingling.  Post-op d 10 we had a flash flood and I panicked, grabbed a push broom and used all may strength to push water off my patio.  Family shouted "no" but I'm worried this may have messed me up.  Typing makes tingling worse. I feel I am worse than before the surgery.  First post-op appt is next week.  Any suggestions?