French scientists discovered a natural compound that inhibits the pain. It is a saliva compound named opiorphin. Similar compound had been previously found in rats and the scientists figured that there could be an equivalent in humans as well. Their guesses were right.

This natural painkiller showed to be more powerful than morphine and scientists are hoping that they will be able to use this compound in the near future and improve the clinical treatment of pain.

The compound has been found to have other benefits besides pain relief. It is thought that the compound may be beneficial in treating mood disorders. Opiorphin has been found to act in biological pathways underlying anxiety, aggression, emotional and motivational responses and have antidepressant activity.

The researchers are hoping to identify which physiological conditions trigger the release of opiorphin. It is though that it could be fearful or stressful situations, since these kinds of scenarios lead to the production of opiorphin's equivalent in rats.
More studies are on the way.