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Scientists have found a new way to induce temporary infertility in males without interfering with their testosterone levels-the guys’ worst fear.

This new contraceptive drug is made of a female hormone-progesterone and male testosterone that is added to counter the adverse effects of progesterone.

The new drug blocks sperm development during treatment and doesn’t have any effects on the hormonal levels.

Studies done on rats show that the effects are reversible as young rats started producing sperm right away once the drug had been removed from their blood stream. The drug was found to have no negative effects on the heart, kidney, lungs and other vital organs.

It works by preventing immature sperm cells to connect with Sertoli cells that help immature sperm cells mature.

Scientists are hoping that the fact that the new drug doesn’t interfere with hormonal levels will effect on their willingness to use it.
Once developed, the drug will be used as an implant since it breaks down in the digestive tract.


Finally, a male method that maybe won't totally kill off the man's testicles over time. Most other chemical birth control for males completely destroys the testis over time. Maybe this one can stop sperm production without castrating the man. Keep working on male birth control like this, PLEEEEASE.