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Hello everybody,

I'm looking for anyone who used Anatabloc for arthritis pain or joint pain in general. I'm suffering badly from arthritis that's mainly affecting my hands. Luckily I had only one really bad attack so fat that required me to take steroid shots, so I'm looking to keep things as they are now by using supplements. Other than vitamin and mineral supplement I’ve seen an ad for Anatabloc, that's supposed to act completely differently to prevent inflammation.

The problem is, when I asked my doc about it, he had no idea and the information I found online so far is pretty mixed. Some people report Anatabloc worked very well for them, while most of other reviews say there is no real scientific evidence it actually does work. So I was hoping to hear from someone who used Anatabloc does it really work to prevent inflammation.?



Hello, soulos.  I have not taken Anatabloc® but it sounds like it is a natural product that helps inflammation by using a compound called anatabine and combining it with Vitamin A and D3.  As with any natural supplement, you won't know if it helps you until you try it. If you do not like the steroid injections, it may be worth trying it out to see if you benefit from it.  Has anyone else out there used Anatabloc® for arthritis or any other type of inflammation?  Was it effective in reducing inflammation and pain?  Would you recommend it for others with arthritis pain?