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I am a thirteen year recent woman, here is what i Greek deity today- is it healthy? additionally suggestions on the way to build it healthier may facilitate :) - i additionally drink three litres of water each day...

Breakfast: one cut wheat with 200 ml one hundred and twenty fifth fat milk and a multivitamin pill with 2 slices of cantaloupe melon.

Lunch: two slices high bran bread (toasted) with a reduced sugar and salt baked beans snap pot.

snack: one strawberry dairy product with 100g of apple and some of frozen grapes

dinner: portion of grilled cod, broccoli and 50g wholewheat noodles

thanks! :)


You have a very planned diet. However, eventually your body will force you to intake the food needed by your body. People have different metabolism rate and process fat, calories differently. If it is a healthy diet you are seeking, copy the way Japanese people eat. 90% western people have meat, while 90% Japanese people prefer fish. Also, Japanese people can name out a list of vegetables as their favorite while pizza is the common one in the west. I think I highlighted the two things you need to watch already. Eating as much as you need and as much as you can is also healthier than restraining your intake. Don't worry about the exact amount, just worry about what it is. 

Specific suggestions - Don't drink coffee, beer, don't eat white bread. Rice is better, don't toast bread if you're gonna stick to it. 

Eat fish such as salmon or mackerelEat vegetables preferably see vegetables such as seaweedRice preferably brownIntake all kinds of soy, a good way to get protein and health fats: tofu, miso, soy sauce, endamame.Noodles preferably soba, udon, ramen, somen.Fruit such as Fuji apples, tangerines, and persimmons.And, last but not least tea preferably green.

Thank you, I hope this helps. 



The only real thing that maters is what you think no one else so i must ask this question! Does it feel right to you? If it does like the nike statement just do it! if it does not then do not continue with it the choice is soley yours no one elses just yours alone! No one make you do anything you do not want to the choice up to! I say do what ever feels right to you! :-) and lol.