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im 15 i have alot of unprotected sex with my boyfrined but he never cums in me and lately weve been using condoms..... sometimes my peroids skip and this is when im not having sex... i havent had my peroid in almost 2 months and i took a 2 pregancy tests and both said not preganet i dont have any synthoms of pregancy but lately i been having short cramps and my boobs are senstive but my boyfriend sucks on them so i dont think im preganet so cann my peroid really be this late and not be preganet??? my boyfriend thinks maybe ill be getting my peroid soon but im still scared


Im 21 now, but when i was 15 and having unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I thought for sure i was pregnant too because i had a miss period. So i told my mom that i was sick so she could take me to the doctor. And when u see ur doctor and u want him/her to do a pregancy test they do keep it private. Where they dnt tell ur parents unless you want them too. So the doctor would give you a blood test and call to talk to you and tell you ur result. And yes i was pregnant but my boyfriend was so super adorable and supportive of me and our pregnancy jorney. he always bring me food and drinks and carry my backpack for me and my books. such sweet guy. but now were married and we have 3 kids now.  BUT surely....a period shouldnt be 2months late. it would be strange.