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im pregnant and im trying to get an idea of when my conception date. my last period was April 15 it ended on the 20th and I was wondering could i have conceived on may 12th or was I already pregnant? The reason is i was in a two year relationship with who i though twas the love of my life until we start arguing everyday he start disrespecting me and i start seeking attention from another guy me and my boyfriend had sex everyday almost and we could never get pregnant i had sex with the new dude on mothers day and a week and half after that i notice my period didnt come so i took a test and low and be hold i was pregnant my boyfriend didnt think it was his because weve been having unprotected sex for sooo long he think it has to be for the other dude. i didnt get and ultrasound until i was 28weeks. i really think my ex  boyfriend is the father but i want him to be the father so i cant go off what i think anymore


Hi Guest,

If your period started on April 15 you would likely ovulate between April 26 and May 1 (days 11-16) of your cycle.  The egg is only viable for about 48 hours after ovulation.

You were VERY LIKELY already pregnant by May 12th.

It is also VERY UNLIKELY that a pregnancy test would detect a pregnancy less than two weeks after you had sex (you said week and a half).

You should have expected your next period around May 13th.  At that point you would be near your LOWEST fertility and not likely to get pregnant.

In my opinion, based upon the information you have presented, your ex IS the father.  A DNA test can confirm paternity.