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i take yaz, but i took my pills late about twice this month. i started noticing a soreness in my armbits very close to my boobs, and i started my period a couple of days before i started taking the placebo pills. my period has lasted longer than usual and it was strangely patterned. on the first day it was light, on the second day it was heavy, third heavy, then it got light and dark brownish. but its mainly been dark brown the whole time. also, i've had these horrible headaches and a different kind of queasiness than any kind of pms symptom i've ever had...i know its almost impossible to get pregnant on birth control...but i still feel like i should ask?


The symptoms could be from missing the two pills and hormonal fluctuation. Missing two pills on two different occasions is not a lot but the symptoms you experienced don't have to be even related to either pregnancy or missing the pills.

BC pills offer 99% pregnancy protection but there were cases where women did get pregnant while on them.