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Scientists have developed the first treatment for women with low sex drive, a patch that would help them regain their sex drive. The patch will be available soon on the NHS.

Intrinsa, as the patch has been named, will not serve as female equivalent of Viagra but will be only available by prescription to women who started early menopause because of surgery.

There are over million women in UK who suffered early menopause due to the need to remove their ovaries during hysterectomy. When ovaries are removed, there is a decrease in a naturally occurring hormone testosterone that mediates sexual desire.

One third of women who had their ovaries removed suffer from low sex drive which causes many emotional and relationship problems for women. Only these women will be entitled to receive the patch on prescription.
Intrinsa is a clear patch worn on the abdomen, which delivers a low dose of testosterone. Trials showed that the patch led to a 74% increase in satisfying sex.

Intrinsa will become available on the NHS from the beginning of April.


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