For many years it has been a practice for women after age of 45 to remove their ovaries along with uterus removal in order to prevent ovarian cancer. Statistics say that about half of women have their ovaries removed during hysterectomy. In the USA, around 600 000 hysterectomies are being performed per year, most of them for benign diseases like uterine fibroids or endometriosis.
New researches suggest that keeping the ovaries would be the smartest thing to do for long - term survival. However, it is shown that preserving the ovaries reduces the risk of heart disease and hip fractures as they keep small amounts of estrogen years after menopause. The two ovarian hormones testosterone and androstenedione were found in some women in the age of 80. The thing is that muscle and fat cells turn testosterone into circulating estrogen in that way protecting against heart disease and osteoporosis.
This study is not definite but it does have an important influence on clinical practice. It is certain that both women and their doctors should think twice in the future and be aware of the benefits of leaving the ovaries as they produce hormones that keep bones strong and heart disease at bay.