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Hi. I am 24 year old female and recently I have started to sleep with my boyfriend. Of course he used condom almost all the time but he’s not very pleased with it.
One time he mentioned that I could use some contraceptive pill but I heard that those kinds of pills have many side effects. So I refuse to use them. But recently I heard of some patches that contain some hormones that can prevent pregnancy and I was wondering is it true that they can effect woman’s mood.
I would like to hear some more informations about this kind of patches.


Well, because your boyfriend has set you an ultimatum, it doesn’t mean you have to obey it.
But, I will help you because it is useful to know such things.
The birth control patch is thin, beige-colored patch that you apply directly to the skin of your buttocks, abdomen, upper torso or upper outer arm.
The patch continuously delivers two synthetic hormones, progestin and estrogen, which are similar to hormones your body produces on its own. The synthetic hormones impede pregnancy by preventing your ovaries from releasing eggs (ovulation). If properly used , these patches can guarantee you a 99 percent success in preventing pregnancy.
Once you go off the patch, you can get pregnant.
Yes, you are right- mood swing can occur. Mostly anger mood can occur but only after long term use.
Side effects associated with the patch are relatively minor and may include, minor skin irritation at the application site and headaches