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Nowadays, Millions of people around the world are infected with HIV. Now scientists hope new research will help prevent HIV from spreading. For more than 20 years researchers and scientists are trying to find the way out, but HIV is tricky. Since the mid-80's, scientists have been trying to produce an AIDS vaccine.

The virus has a crafty ability to mutate and evade drugs designed to fight it. But some promising findings from yet another vaccine offer new hope. "For now, we think it's the best thing we've seen yet, ever... and that it really deserves full scale testing, and we hope that the data will be good," says Dr. McElrath.

A large study has just started in the U-S and other countries to test a vaccine that sends synthetically produced H-I-V genes into the body. That tricks the body into producing cells that can kill the virus.

"The vaccine itself is not HIV. It's not going to give you HIV infection, but it's going to allow the body to recognize pieces of HIV and to make an immune response," Dr. McElrath says.

It seems that the researchers are getting closer to their goal. So far, the vaccine has produced the strongest T-cell immune response against the AIDS virus ever.

Let’s wait and see would this new vaccine improve the status and help fighting against HIV.


is there are treatmnet strategies which will cure aids