Recent research found that drug that’s being used to treat people infected with HIV can be used to prevent vaginal transmission of the virus. HIV is an infection that’s greatly spread all around the world and great number of new cases occur because of unprotected vaginal sex with an infected partner. It’s been reported that every day appear about six thousand new HIV cases and most of them are caused by unprotected sex.

During research on mice, scientists managed to develop simulation of human immune system that produced the cells that fight the infection, especially the ones that are targeted by HIV patients. Researchers came to finding that daily doses of antiretroviral drugs before and after exposure to HIV can prevent vaginal transmission of the HIV virus.

In the study, researchers introduced HIV vaginally into the mice and those mice that received antiretroviral drug were not infected by HIV while those who didn’t receive the drug became infected.

This study will possibly help to find a drug that could protect people against this serious infection. They hope that this research will support that antiviral drugs are used as effective pre – exposure measure against the further spread of AIDS.