I have been dependent on suboxone for 3 years. I decided to quit "cold turkey." I had made it 45 days, 40 were in withdrawal. During this withdrawal I had been taking a bunch of other meds to help the withdrawal, these were gabapentin, klonopin (I think it makes me depressed), and benadryl. After 45 days (well for 40 if you only want to count the ones spent in withdrawal), I still felt very very depressed, like someone was sticking a crowbar in my emotion "center." not knowing if it was the suboxone or other meds that were messing with me (and as a note I do remember a period of relief during my 16th day of withdrawal, before I started taking the other meds, and as a note klonopin does make me feel depressed), I couldn't reach a conclusion as to why I was feeling like this, so I decided to take take a suboxone to see if I would feel better, If I did I would know that these feelings were from suboxone withdrawal, If I didn't feel better I would know it was something other than suboxone withdrawal. Well I now do feel mostly better but not 100%, I should also say I am high as a kite, so I would not like to eliminate the possibility that its the opiate high potentially relieving other things that can be causing this. regardless, my main question, assuming it was the suboxone withdrawal making me feel this way, am I now back to square 1 like when I first started? I have only had one dose, do I now have to repeat this process assuming it was the suboxone or can I started where I left off?...as long as it's not square one I dont't mind so much. I should also say the first 10 days of quitting where the worst

-ps some of you may be wondering what dose I quit at and what does I relapsed from, I feel the same withdrawal no matter what dose I quit at. If it must be known I quit at 12mg and had my relapse at 4mg.

-thanks you, and sorry for such a long narrative of a short question, I just like to be thourogh because there are so many factors I believe to be involved.