I was 48 when diagnosed with a number of blockages.  I never had a heart attack.  I was experiencing angina when walking or running up an incline.  I underwent an angiogram and it was determined that the blockages were too extensive for stenting.  My ECG was normal.  I underwent on-pump bypass.  The surgeon was quite skilled (reputation) and the surgery entailed bilateral internal thoracic artery (insitu) graft surgery to the left anterior descending and posterior circumflex, plus a vein graft from my leg to the RCA and 2 diagonal grafts.  Following surgery, my in hospital stay was 8 days (longer than expected).  I also had 3 blood transfusions due to blood loss during the surgery.  I was on pump for 176 minutes.  A post surgical ECG found RBBB.  I understand what this is and that there is no "cure".  So, is this a common outcome of by-pass surgery?  The branch must have been stretched during the surgery.