Hi, I was in an accident and have disc bulging and herniation in my neck and thoracic spine.  I have not had a lumbar MRI yet.  I kept having chest pain and was sent to hospital where many tests were run and I was told I had a right bundle branch block.  I was not given much other information except that at sometime I may need a pacemaker?  I am 48 and never had this happen until after the car accident?  Is this something that could be caused from the disc herniation and bulges.  I have many bulges all the way down and the herniation is in the cervical spine.  I am very scarred and have so many problems now.  From the not being able to move arm well, numbness tingling, a lot of pain etc.  Also having problems with urination too!  I also lost a tooth and my jaw locked from the accident.  But I am extremely worried about my heart!  I can't believe after 4 days in the hospital and all kinds of tests that it was left so mater of fact? With no referral to a cardiologist?  but because I didn't have this problem of pain in my chest and feeling faint, difficulty breathing until the accident I just want to know if it could be caused from the discs?

Thank you,