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Hi, everyone. I'm new to this site, and I'm a little worried, so I need to ask a question. (I'm 21, F, and have a regular 28-30 day cycle) So, I turned 21 on Monday, March 31st. Naturally, the drinking started at midnight. I drank that night, the night of the 31st, and then on Tuesday was a little hungover. I was at the airport headed to Las Vegas, and in the bathroom had a little bit of spotting. Barely any. I thought my period was starting, but this would have been 4 days early. I continued my day, and it stopped completely. I drank excessively while in Vegas. On Friday the 4th, I was home and went out with my friends for my birthday. I started my period right before we left. It was light and not bad. So of course, I was drinking again. (Btw, I don't normally do this. Just for my 21st week). The next evening, which was last night, I went out again for a little bit with a friend. We were sitting in the car waiting for my boyfriend, and I began to bleed very very excessively. (This is gonna be a little TMI.) I was wearing an Ultra tampon, and bled through that, and through my clothes in less than 10 minutes. We rushed home, and I got in the bathroom and I soaked the floor with blood, all over, with at least two clots bigger than a half dollar. The cramps were bad enough that I was almost crying, and I was really dizzy. (I wasn't drunk btw, I hadn't had that much last night.) So I got in the bath, took some ibuprofen, and stayed in there for a bit. When I got out, there was almost nothing. I have barely bled since, not even enough to fill up a tampon. There's a few cramps, but the whole thing is pretty much gone already. (My periods normally last 4-7 days.) Also, I have heavy periods already, but this one was a doozy, enough to make me almost throw up. So, my question is, was this just a really heavy, weird period? Did I give myself an early miscarriage by drinking so much? (I was wondering, because of the weird spotting I had at the airport.) Or, should I be concerned about the excessive bleeding I had/have for most of my periods? Or, is this nothing to worry about? Thanks for taking the time to read!!


Hi BumbleBee,

Alcohol can cause increased bleeding.

I'd suggest a visit to your ob/gyn.  It may be nothing but it could also indicate possibly a cyst.  Any heavy bleeding, such as you had, should be investigated. 

If it happens again you could lose consciousness, or worse, from blood loss.

Good luck.