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Ok, my periods are always very normal.. i already have a two year old son,

My last normal period was January 27th it lasted until the secound of Febuary.

I was suppose to get another cycle the end on Febuary, Beggining of March.

I never got a period so i took a test on the 17th or March, it came back a faint, very faint postive., i was going to buy another test just to confirm, but i ended up getting a very light period, it deffinitly was not normal on the 19th of march i jus seen pink i didnt even need a tampon, the 20th i bled a little but didn't fill a tampon the 21 i bled but didn't fill a tampon and boh days it seemed bronish, 22nd i didn't bleed at all, 23 didn't bleed till the night and didnt even really need a tampon, 24th march, didn't need tampon on and off all day then completly stoped... so i figured it was my period, but it was still concerning me so i took another test, it was nagative.. i let it go and forgot about it, if that was a real period, then i was supose to get it, ..

Around April 19th never came. , then i was suppose to get it May 19th never came.

i'm 2 months late maybe even 3 months, and i took a test nagative, i really don't know what to think , ive been getting dizzy when i stand up, ive puked a coupe times, i have a tiny figure and my belly is definitly bloating when i firstt wake up in the morning it isn't so bad but threw out the day it gets worse, i had cramping nothing extream but it's gone now, my gums have been bleeding, i have cravings for i dont even know what it feels like i want a one bite of a bunch of different stuff, i don't know if im just syking myself out, but my periods are always very normal, even after i had my first child? has this happened to anyone else and they turnd out to be pregnant?



could be paranoid