Im 17 years old. This month my period is weird and I'm really scared. I started my period the 14th. I was having mild period cramps a couple days before I started like normal and when I started my period I bled a little. The blood was watery and it wasn't a heavy flow witch it usually is. The second day I had a heavier flow like is supposed to be. The blood was still watery with small clots in it. The clots are normal for me. The third day my period was lighter and still watery. The forth day it was almost gone. It was still leaking a little and was still watery. The fifth day it was gone. The sixth and seventh day I thought I was done but I guess not. The sixth day I went pee and some light almost clear orangish/reddish blood came out a few drops in the toilet. And when I wipe the tent is on the tpaper. I was moving something heavy and a little more blood leaked on my umderwear. The seventh day (today) I have just a little blood. It doesn't leak out on my underwear. I put a tampon in to see if their was anything and the tampon had a little bit of blood. Orangish reddish light colored. I stuck my finger in to see the texture and it was watery not slimy like a discharge. I went to the bathroom and had some tent when I whipped. It worries me because my periods are usually heavier and are a dark slimy red. This period I had was a really light period, watery and is a little longer. I don't think I'd be so worried if the blood wasn't so watery. I have no slimy discharge or blood. Its just watery and Im not leaking discharge. Usually I spot a little after my period or when I'm ovulating but its usually a pinkish reddish tent in my discharge. Is their something wrong or is this normal? Please help =( I've been stressing over it and praying about it.