Yesterday (Thursday) I woke up and felt myself dripping to which I knew I had started my period and was bleeding rather heavy. I felt relieved because I had previously lost my virginity the week before and he only pulled out at the end and I am neither on "the pill" or other form of birth control. The second time I had sex was this past sunday and he only pulled out again. Stupid on my part I know. I bled very heavy and was in lots of pain on Thursday. Spent the day feeling rather ill. Now today about by the afternoon I pulled out a completely dry tampon. I didn't bleed all Thursday night either. My periods normally last pretty steady for 5-7 days. But the bleeding is now completely stopped. I'm only wearing a liner as I write this.. I do not feel myself cramping, but am having pretty severe stomach pain. Mostly consisting of the lower, right side. I also feel rather naseous. Any ideas!? 

I am worried to go to the doctors because I do not want my mother finding out I had pre-marital sex (she'll be livid) and I know the doctors will ask because it consists of stomach pain and my period.