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I had internal and external hemorrhoids removed on January 15th. I still have the swelling mentioned by others, but that is getting better. My problem is that I have taken Metamucil, then benefiber, not at the same time to soften my stool. It works, but no matter what I do, I am having up to 8 bowel movements a day which keeps me irritated. I feel pressure and like the stool is not emptying completely. It starts out fine with the first bm and as the day progress, I have to go but less comes out and I feel like I have to strain to get just a little out toward the end. It feels like colon cleansing or colon heaving. I don't start feeling better until the evening, when the bowel movements are over. I need to go back to work and the constant bowel movements and soreness are making me worry about how I will function at work. Any suggestions?


Hi mwest,

I would suggest laying low a bit on the Metamucil and the Benefiber. See how it would go without one of them. And then see without both. Maybe you are having enough fiber to pass stool without them. Also, ask a doctor. I guess passing stool 8 times isn't normal, so he'll probably advise you on this.