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Okay - Two weeks ago I had a thrombosed hemorrhoid appear. Oh my goodness, I thought I was going to pass out in the grocery line. I don't know where it came from but poof, there it was. I ended up in urgent care, they "lanced it". Well that didn't work, I was in more pain after than before. I ended up back with GP and he confirmed that it "re-thrombosed" - if there can be such an awful thing.

They sent me right over to general surgery. The surgeon took one look and said, yep, I will just remove the entire vein and hemorrhoid. I am much more aggressive than who you saw in urgent care. I was also told to just take the Thursday and Friday off of work. At this point I was still thinking "easy peasy" - I had not read these forums yet.

The procedure:
Besides taping my butt cheeks apart, and the lidocaine, it was painless. I was sent home with Vicodin and told to smear antibiotic cream on the area and take baths after each BM. But I could go back to work next week. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH- Joke was definitely on me.

Arriving at home:
I hadn't taken a pain med and all of a sudden the lidocaine wore off. I was seeing stars, I thought I was dying, or wished I was dead. I wished that I could have my entire colon removed and never have another bowel movement in my life.! The worst. Then 2 hours later, the marcaine wore off and I really thought I was having an out of body experience as the pain was over the top.
ADVICE: START PAIN REGIMEN AS SOON AS YOU LEAVE THE CLINIC. USE IBUPROFEN IN ADJUNCT AS IT REALLY HELPS WITH THE SWELLING. I took 1/2 percocet, three hours later 600 mg ibuprofen, three hours later another 1/2 percocet. Set your alarm and do it. You may need more of the heavy meds, but stay on top of the doses so you can somewhat control the pain.

Day 1-4: These days were all a blur, I was suffering from pain, bowel movements, drugs and FEAR. I did not sleep much and I thought that something had gone wrong in the surgery and that this type of pain was off the 1-10 charts. Ouch. Until I read this forum!
ADVICE: Lots of smoothies, soups, Colace and a Laxative. I made the mistake of taking two laxitives per day as I was too fearful of becoming constipated. BM were quite horrific. Each one though becoming less horrific that the one before. Plan on at least 2.5 weeks off of work.

Day 5-6: A bit better, not really though but I was on top of the pain meds so that helped. Only lying on my side, in and out of hot sitz baths with sea salt. ADVICE: HOT BATHS ARE A GODSEND. ADD SEA SALT.

Day 7-12:
Quit the percocet on day 7, weaned myself off little by little on day 5 and six. It made me feel so crazy. I didn't need that on top of everything else. I still cry every day even though I think things are getting better. SLOW RECOVERY. Little by little. Two steps forward, one step back. Reading lots, few movies here and there, not lifting heavy things, praying to God that this will go away. Only taking 1 laxative now, at night with Colace. I almost want to stop taking my morning stool softener as I feel I need to start moving my bowel movements back to their regular consistency. But I am not sure? Any suggestions? Still sad every day, I feel defeated. There is still pain after BM. Odd pain, itchy pain, and almost feels like there something up inside me.
Very little blood with each bowel movement. A few drops.
ADVICE: Get a poop stool or stepping stool so you can have your legs in the correct position for having a bowel movement. I use use a little stepping stool, but this squatty potty seems great.

I will update as the recovery drags on. I do feel so much better from a week ago, but there is still the fear of having a bowel movement, pain after BM, itchy bum, frequency to urinate a lot after a bowel movement, worried about work. Does or did anyone else have this? I keep counting my blessings as that is all I can do at this point. I can't go back. I wish everybody/anybody who has had this surgery the best in their healing. Sending healing to all of you!


Hi, Stay Strong!

I had a few skin tags removed 6 months ago by my gyn when I had a tubal ligation and everything that could go wrong did!  While the tubal went well the simple removal of skin tags did not.  I was in excruciating pain, horrific seepage smell, could not sit flat,  depression the works.  The surgeon ignored me and let me say i was freaking out.  it took 6 months and i was not better.  I waited too long to get more help.

I ended up doing research and found a truly good surgeon and two weeks ago ended up getting now 4 skin tags removed AND 2 external hemmorids removed (thanks previous surgeon).  My recovery has been so much better.  I am sitting in sitz baths 4 times per day, after a BM.  I stopped pain meds and only taking 400 mg of Aleve.  I am resting, treating myself kindly, and eating a high fiber diet, taking 2 tbsp of mineral oil at night and 1 tbsp of citrucil daily. (day 12)i had a lot of bleeding with stools and a lot of pain.  (day 15) Swelling continues to go down and now I have this incredible itchiness.  A very slight yellowish/tan discharge from who knows where!  Some of my tags were stitched and some were left open to heal on their own.  I have these red round irritated bumps but not bleeding so I figure I am fine.  I feel like i have been burned and have an abrasion, pinching at the site, and discomfort sitting flat for a long time.  Seems to irritate the area.  For me the worst is the freaking itching!  But without a weird stinky discharge (other then slight sticky one mentioned above) I have just been relaxing and letting the healing continue.

You have to believe that it will get better do not focus on how horrible it it.. because it is supposed to be!  This is not a nice procedure but if this works then in the long run it had to be done.  


Wish you best, I am out here recovering with you!



I had the THD America hemrroid surgery in May 2013 and one outer hemrroid excised at Duke. I was in horrible pain couldnt have a bowel movement and had to take all kinds of laxatives until I had so much diareha I couldn't leave the bathroom. In 2014 I went to a well known surgeon in Charlotte Dr Dobson who does staple hemroidectomys. To my surprise the pain was manageable and I had a bowel movement the second day and every day since my sugery. My Dr in Charlotte said he saw no signs of previous surgery done in Raleigh nor scar tissue. He does NOT like THD method and thought the thread must have broken soon after surgery which blocked my bowel with the hemroids because the hemroids are not removed in the THD method. I am still recovering but it is not bad. I would like to know what I can use on the outer removed hemroid so that I don't have keloids and to help itching. Also does anyone know something natural to keep stool soft and moving normally? Does anyone know anything about putting royal jelly or coconut oil on outer area where hemroid was removed to help healing? Thanks


I had mine done 6 days ago, I was on top with taking all my meds, day 2 and every day after that I had a bm, painful, but not too bad. And then last night....omg, I thought I was going to die. I thought I was going to pass out. Shaking and in tears. I knew I needed to go, but the pain was sooooooo bad. Husband tried to calm me down, which worked a good 30 min later. Needless to say, he thought he would be going back to work this week, and after last night I think he realized he can't. I have 3 kids, youngest being 10 months old. And I think I have more that have formed, I will cry if she tells me I havevtondo it again in. Good kuck to you