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I've been sleeping with a girl for 4-5 month now. We slept together last night and almost instantly after I felt sore at the bottom of my shaft, but thought nothing of it. We had sex again this morning and I felt fine, but a couple of minutes ago I looked down there and there are a few red, sore 'spots'. Any idea on what ths could be?


It could be a number of things, but only going to see a doctor will give you a definite answer – and you should see a doctor, as it’s possible that you have contracted an STD. It also could be a bacterial or yeast infection, or something “simple” like a minor skin irritation. If not an STD, you can use a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to help care for it. One with shea butter, a high end emollient, is especially recommended.