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I have a small patch of dry skin on the top of my penis. It's not hard and isn't raised. It's flakey and I have applied a little moisturiser. I have have the feeling to wee quite often but this is a recent thing. I have only ever spelt with one person who has been given the all clear. I am worried as I have rashes on both of my hands and the symptoms are similar to syphilis.


It sounds like you probably just have a skin rash or other common skin irritation; these are often found on the penis because the penis skin is so thin and because the warm, moist environment in which the penis is kept all day is a good breeding ground for bacteria.  Wash with a gentle cleanser and regularly apply a top drawer penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Look for a cream that includes shea butter; this natural emollient is very helpful with skin issues of the penis.  Good luck!