First let me say my periods have been heavier lately and last about 5 days with the last day spotting. I started the seasonal pill 9 weeks ago. I forgot last thursday's pill and Fridays. I took the pill late friday and doubled up saturday and sunday. However Saturday morning I woke up with my period. I have continued to take the pill cause the doctor said stopping now after i caught up could induce another period type time frame. This is my FIRST 12 week run so this is new to me. My question is my period is LESS heavy but I am on day 6 it's NOT stopping or even slowing and the PAIN is insane! Waking me during the night so bad. Has anyone been through this? I am figuring it's cause I am having a period plus continuing pills but I need it to end! NOT used to more then 3 days heavy then spotty!!! The pill I thought would make it better not longer and more pain???