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ok, i have been pregnant twice, i have 2 healthy children. i am on the birth control pill. my bf and i have used back up always until the last few months. about a week and a half before my period was due i began experiencing pregnancy syptoms: breast soreness, fatigue, cramping, light headedness, frequent urination, and so on. i am very familiar with what being pregnant feels like. i knew it was too early for a positive home preg test but i tried anyway, all neg. i stopped my pill early, 5 days before im supposed to, to see if i would get my period. like clockwork, a day and a half later i did. its not spotting but its not very heavy, kinds like the middle of a period. this is the second day. i figured when it started that, ok, im not pregnant, except the pregnancy symtoms are getting worse. is it possible to have period-like bleeding in early pregnancy because of the pill? am i having an early miscarriage? its still a little early for a home test to be absolutly accuarate. what may be going on? any help is appreciated :-)


The same thing happened to me so I looked it up when I was worried about being pregnant. From what I found out, the early signs of being pregnant are the exact same signs you'd expect if you were not on the pill, if you are a pill user. I am not convinced that the hormones in the pill cannot make you have bleeding that you think is a period and actually isn't, since people do experience irregular bleeding for a while after they come off the pill. 

I ended up not being pregnant. I was so paranoid I went to my doctor to confirm. For you, I would say, do a pregnancy test in a week or so and then you will know.