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I've been on the pill since December 2012 ,,  I take 21 pills & then 1 week off pills so I get my period that week,, I've always gotten my period the same time , on my week off I would get my period Wednesday & it will stop on Sunday when I start my new pack of pills,, On September 25th after I had sex with my fb I went to the bathroom to wipe myself down there and noticed pink on the paper as if I bled,, after I showered I put a pad on just in case it continued,, well it did till this day I'm still bleeding ,, I'm on my week off now I was supposed to get my period today October 2nd,, but I've been bleeding since last Wednesday,,, I did miss a pill on Saturday September 21st & doubled up on Sunday September 22nd when I realized I forgot to take the pill the day before,,, that's happened to me before where I'd have to double up because I forgot but I wouldn't say that was the reason why I'm bleeding now,,, it started off as a light period nd then it's been a regular flow


My bf & I are sexually active ,, ive never had break through bleeding ,,, first thought I had was that I'm probably pregnant