So usually I'm pretty good about taking my pill on time. I am on Lutera tablets 28S. I messed up my pill though the last week of regular pills which is the week before the sugar pills. I almost always get my period the Tuesday during sugar pill week, which would have been July 18th, but I got it on July 14th. And I KNOW you're not supposed to stop taking the pills even if you mess them up but, I did. So this is how bad I messed them up. I missed Mondays and didn't take it at all even though i usually double up the next day if I miss, then I think I took Tuesdays on time, then I think I missed Wednesday so I doubled up Thursday and then I didn't take Friday or Saturdays (14th and 15) and I had unprotected sex on the 14th. I know it's harder to get pregnant on your period but I didn't know what the chances could be that I might be pregnant since I messed my pills up. My period isnt due until the 15th next week but I'm kinda freaking out.